How it Works

Why Blue Bug Boilers?
After years of boiling crawfish in conventional pots, I came to the conclusion that “There has to be a better way.” But when looking for a better way, I found that there just wasn’t anything else available. That’s when I decided to build my own pot and burner that would be safer, easier, and more convenient. Voila, The Blue Bug Boiler was created. Since it was different than any other pot available, the name should also be different, and since blue crawfish (mudbugs) are rarest of all crawfish species, Blue Bug Boilers seemed appropriate. And so was born “Jean Bleu Ecrevice” the official mascot of Blue Bug Boilers.
1.The Blue Bug Boiler is an aluminum pot welded to structural grade aluminum legs with aluminum tubing cross members. The angle of the legs serves as a stable platform with which to work and minimizes risk of injury.

2. Two high volume jets allow for the pot to be heated to boiling in about 8 minutes(About one minute per gallon).

3. A stainless steel shroud around the bottom of the unit holds the heat for better fuel efficiency.

4. The lid is welded to the pot and serves a chute for easy dumping of the basket.

5. A ¾” ball valve makes emptying the pot easy and convenient.

6. Unit comes with high pressure regulator and hose with quick disconnects for convenience.